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Josep Pujol

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Josep Pujol (Manresa, 1959) took his Ph.D. at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (1990). He is Professor of Catalan medieval literature at UAB, where he has been lecturing since 1989. He has published extensively on Tirant lo Blanc and on medieval poetry, literary theory and translation. He is the author of a critical edition of Jaume March's poems (1994) and of medieval translations (Dragmaticon Philosophiae, with Lola Badia, 1997; Heroides, 2018), as well as an edition with commentary of Ausiàs March's works (Per haver d'amor vida, with Francesc Gómez, 2008 [reprinted in 2018])  and of Tirant lo Blanc (2021). The author of the monograph La memòria literària de Joanot Martorell (2002), Pujol has also contributed chapters on medieval translations, Felip de Malla and Tirant lo Blanc to the new Història de la literatura catalana (2014-2015) and co-authored the volume The Classical Tradition in Medieval Catalan (2018). The latter was published as a result of the Translat project, of which Pujol has been PI at different stages.


Tirant lo blanc
Edició, introducció i notes de Josep Pujol
The Classical Tradition in Medieval Catalan, 1300-1500
Lluís Cabré, Alejandro Coroleu, Montserrat Ferrer, Albert Lloret i Josep Pujol
Els manuscrits, el saber i les lletres... a la Corona d'Aragó 1200-1500
Lola Badia, Lluís Cifuentes, Sadurní Martí, Josep Pujol (eds.)
Ausiàs March. Per haver d’amor vida
Antologia comentada per Francesc J. Gómez i Josep Pujol

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