Traduccions al català medieval fins a 1500

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Antoni Canals lliurant la seva traducció de Valeri Màxim al cardenal Jaume d’Aragó (Barcelona, Arxiu Històric, ms. 36, f. 1).

Translations into Catalan up to 1500


The following fields are covered in TRANSLAT: spirituality, philosophy, history and literature. A sample of juridical and hagiographical texts is also included. TRANSLAT also includes, but only exceptionally, homilies as well as biblical, scientific and liturgical texts. [Read more]

TRANSLAT also includes adaptations, namely translations presented as original works.

TRANSLAT is available as CENSUS (pdf) or as DATA BASE (please register). For a quick glance click CONSPECTUS.

Translat: 'copy', 'translation' (Diccionari català-valencià-balear, s.v. "trasllat": <>)




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